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I am involved with a lot of show preparation, with my line of work.

Unlike Ian , I do not recommend other photographer friends to help edit work.
Same goes for Wives, family and friends. They are too close or may be pissed at you , or jealous, envious who knows...
You're right Bob, however my choice is people I respect who've usually exhibited widely, and most importantly don't produce work remotely similar.

Back in the 1980's when I had my first solo exhibition I did work with a close friend who also often joined me when I was shooting, and yes that was a mistake, it did his own photograph no good, while he's still a close friend and supportive I have never got him involved again.

So yes your advice is sound, and in reality I did as you are in fact suggesting, even the wining & dining

I guess like you I've some advantages because I curated a number of exhibitions for an Arts Centre in the late 80's & through the 90's, and was involved with various funded arts groups.

It's a big learning curve but as you progress it becomes easier over the years. Also the circle of people you can ask for help grows wider.