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What would be useful to know in this discussion is what percent of the purchase price of a roll of film is attributed to the cost of the raw silver in the film.
According to thisarticle on Silver recovery from the USGS (2000), film has around 5-8 grams of silver per sq. meter (the paper notes that precise formulations are not revealed by film companies). Check the chart on p. N4. It notes a 24-exposure roll of 35mm is .04 sq. meters. One-fifth of a gram per roll, or thereabouts. About 15-20 cents at today's prices. A few years ago, that was probably more like 5 cents. A significant difference for a product with a retail price of $4-5. Note the usage numbers: 1 billion rolls for color, 40 million for b&w. 1800 metric tons of silver. A significant expense.

But of course there are other changes, too. Compared to a few years ago, the pound and the euro are weaker relative to the dollar, but the yen is much stronger. That's got to have a huge effect on the products that say, Fuji offers for export.