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I'm probably biased towards the RZ, as that is my favorite. I have never experienced battery drain issues with my RZ's. A moot point that some mention as a deterrent to acquiring a RZ, ridiculously favoring the RB on that point alone. There are times I prefer to use auto exposure; not available with the RB. Then, as mentioned, the RZ allows use of the 110mm, the 50mm ULD, the 210 APO, and the tilt-shift adapter. All with auto exposure if needed.
Big pluses in my book. A small, separate advantage with the RZ, is the single cocking lever, small issue, but still an advantage over the RB.

On another foot, one can not always say that a RZ will be newer than a RB. RB Pro SD's were simultaneously produced along side RZ's for many years.
I absolutely love my RZ. The issues I was having with the RB were getting frustrating. It's still a great camera, don't get me wrong, but the RZ is a better match for me. The one area where I will say the RB wins for me is in aesthetics. It's just a purdier camera. Also, many people seem to say that the RZ is easier to carry than the RB. It doesn't seem any lighter to me and it sure as heck ain't smaller. After using it for a while, the things I really love are:

-Great lenses for awesome prices
-Interlocks work very well (the ones on my RB ProS didn't work)
-Locking rotating back (my RB back would drift between portrait and landscape)
-Accurate, reliable shutter
-One cocking motion (as opposed to 3 with my RB)

I can see why so many people love the RB, but I can't see why so many seem to have a prejudice against the RZ. The battery just controls the electronic (accurate) shutter, but otherwise, it's still the same mechanical camera.