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Spare me. It's over. Live with it. Time to move from denial to recovery.
It's appropriate to commemorate the passing of Kodachrome. I have used and preferred Kodachrome since I was 18. I am now over three times that age, and until now it was always there. I can't do today what I could yesterday, what I have been enjoying for over 2/3rds of my lifetime, almost 1/2 the lifetime of Kodachrome itself. Kodachrome is one of the most significant photographic products ever created. For over 50 years nothing else came close to it. It is absolutely the end of an era. It is a loss, and I am sad about it.

As others have said, no one is making you read this thread. If you can't understand, fine. But your comments and attitude only make it less likely that anything you say will be taken seriously. A little respect goes a long way. With a little more maturity maybe you will be able to see better why people have a need to talk about the passing of an iconic product, especially one that was so good it endured for 75 years. In this era of throwaway obsolescence, that is in itself something to commemorate.