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How big a tripod do you need for it? I am looking at backcountry camping with my P67, where I don't want to carry a heavier tripod than necessary. My prime targets are the Induro carbon fiber line. I am thinking about a CT-213, which would weigh about 5lbs with a ballhead. I mostly shoot wideangles and the 105, and I can't see myself owning anything longer than 200mm. My 67 does have a MLU. I can't afford to rebuy multiple times, so I need to get this right the first time.
I have been using a Gitzo G1348 with Arca Swiss z1-sp ball head with excellent results with my P67II: zero camera movement even off-axis with a 400mm lens. I always use MLU and Manual stop down on the lens.

If you can, take your camera, heaviest lens and head to your local camera store and see how it responds on the different tripods. It's been my experience that a tripod that weighs 3lbs with a 35lbs load limit will not work as well as a 5 lb tripod with a 26lb load limit.