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It would be helpful for someone, PE if possible, can come up a modified E-6 formula, that can be used to process Kodachrome film.

What I mean modified E-6 formula, is to utilizing current available E-6 chemicals; If not, some formulas we can use to mix from raw chemicals. It does not need to be E-6; could be E-14 or any number of steps, as long as it works.

Even some suggestions on which step to use which chemicals to try out it would be useful and fun to experiment. I am not striving for color accuracy and it probably not possible without original Kodak chemicals. I just want to get some approximate color matches.
This is not possible as E-6 have the color dyes in the film already, and for Kodachrome the dyes are added during processing. Here is a technical explanation of the process from Kodak.


Chris Maness