30 Dec 2010

This week the mail box produced cards from ...
rst: I really like the softness of the image, and how the bridge leads the eye into the background. I first thought this was the "Pont de Avignon", but the city did not look correct. I have never visited Heidelberg. It looks like a very nice place.
jst: Interesting composition. Nicely exposed to keep the snow white, not gray.
Rob Skeoch: I immediately thought of Bodie, CA when this card arrived. Places like this are really fun to photograph. So many stories to be told. The paper really helps the image. I am excited that Ilford is experimenting with new products. I have several images that would work well on this paper. So an enthusiastic yes for this product. I really like the paper surface - textured and matt, but not too flat. I reminds me of the old Kodak Ektalure (warm paper base + warm emulsion). Well done, and thanks for the preview.

Thanks to all for the good images this round. I look forward to Round #22.

Regards and Happy New Year,