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Thanks for the the kodak document. It has detailed steps and helpful. But it does not contain the formulas for each step. Have the K-14 formulas been published yet?
I think it is published in the patent documents. And if I recall correctly Kodak specifically released all that in hopes someone would also get into the market. Apparently there was some competition in the K-13 and K-12 realm. But K-14, in what was even then a shrinking market, just pushed Fuji and Agfa out the door rather than expanding the market.

What I see as the big lost opportunity was an idea I was pushing back a few years ago, when it was apparent Kodachrome was moribund even though not yet dead. Had Dwayne's provided awesome quality scans rather than the infamously mediocre ones (and there may not have been a cost sustainable market, so I'm not second guessing Dwayne's management), then instead of kids dropping off C41 and checking the CD box one could drop off K14 and check the CD box.

After all,from the perspective of the user today the important thing was the CD with the scans. The negatives were those weird colored things people loose, and I knew a lot of kids didn't even want the prints. So what if you got back a box of slides instead of a sleeve of negatives. If you got back "blow me away awesome" scans from a roll of Kodachrome, people would have bought it. At least I think they would have bought it for special occasions.

And there could have been a market to sell Kodak photo printers! For crying out loud, even my dad, who is such a old guy he's not even interested in a cell phone, notices the Kodak printer ads on TV.