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Self-editing is an oxymoron(thanks to Axe for the correct sp). One needs to be brutual. You can boil it down to a (insert number) but the last 10, needs input from someone who is not emotional involved with the photographer or even the image. The only question becomes DOES IT WORK.?
I disagree. The most important question is and remains: is it what i (!) wanted it to be. Something only you can answer and decide.
(Unless you communicate in a non-photographic way what it is you are aiming to communicate through your photos. Do you want to write and present essays, or produce images?)

The thing with this question is that you really should not need an editor. If you know what you are doing, what it is what you are hoping to achieve, and work towards that, the editing is in the creative act/process itself.

But yes, if you just point your camera at things in a random fashion, editing afterwards (i.e. trying to detect a possible link between, a consistency in, the things you have brought home) could be a good idea.
A better idea, however, would be to avoid that completely, and work deliberately.