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In ye oldene dayz we would use the same approach as with a leader retriever; but we would take a fresh roll of film, wet the the leader on both sides by sticking it in the mouth, then push it in. Turning the problem film tight in the cartridge to make contact with the wet leader, waiting a coupla seconds, then pulling out. You would be amazed how often it would work, with most films, and with most sources of spit.
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Thank you so much as well - I managed it with some APS neg strip onto the 35mm spool leader and it worked after three goes - so very pleased but will buy a propriety one for the future,

Well now - New years eve 2010 you have given me something to do on new years day which is test two inherited cameras - my wife's father left me a 35mm Yashica ELECTRO GSN with both Tele and wide lens and in competition will be my dad's Konica AUTO S3 - I take it the former is aperture priority and the latter is shutter priority but both have fairly well regarded lense units - so as a reward for the most useful tip and brilliant question that got me sorted - I shall post the link on here next week on a side by side comparison (but a novice to boot)

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