I believe that 'bwfans' has hit the issue square on the head. Film, any film, is a part of the fabric of history. What will we do if there is a treasure trove of undeveloped Kodachrome found? Witness the uncounted rolls of undeveloped b&w film shoot by Vivian Maier. Fortunately, we still have the technology to develop them. Kodak has always shown the most atrocious disregard for the role in history that it took upon itself to monopolize. There's probably not much to be done about that now. So what can be done? In my opinion, it starts with not relying on one individual who supposedly can/will supply the answers. The irony is that that mentality is the direct descendant of Kodak's brainwashing. Chemistry is science, not magic. Not everyone is able to re-engineer Kodachrome chemistry, but a whole lot of people are. If there is to be a campaign to be mounted, it should be to bring those people together to work the problem as a team, including literature research -- something that can be done by even the most chemistry-phobic.