What I'm going for will be a difficult thing to catch, for sure. It will be in color. I'm not looking to have the people show up at all except for what they show up incidentally with the lights they will be carrying. The people will be 1000-2000 feet away, to add to the difficulty in capturing them, but they will be following the same path so hopefully they will show up in aggregate. The landscape around will be illuminated by moonlight, so I have to be careful with the phase of the moon so as not to overexpose over that period. I'm looking for people trails the same way you look for star trails. There will also be star trails in the shot, for sure. I am going to do some testing for sure. It will be more than 6 months from now when I actually attempt to capture what I'm going to be capturing, depending on weather and a number of other factors, but I need to start testing now to maximize the chances of success.

I've probably 30-40 different star trail shots up to 1 hour in exposure length usually using Provia 400F with fantastic results, but I'm weary of a 4 hour exposure with film that fast, so I'm thinking Provia 100 to start with. There's not a ton of films available in 4x5 it seems.

Does Velvia 100 go green like it's 50 cousin? There also seems to be Ekatchrome 100G. Anyone ever use that? I've never tried color negative film for long exposures. Does it work well? I've always loved the color rendition of transparency film.

I want to capture it on film with one or more 4x5 cameras. I'm going to need a lot of luck.

This project has a lot of challenges.
- Film for 4 hour exposures
- Phase of the moon that won't overexpose the landscape
- Lanterns or lights that will show up like star trails from 1000 to 2000 feet away at walking pace
- Finding people crazy enough to do what I want them to do in the dark and in the wilderness
- Incredible luck with weather

Weather alone can delay this by an entire year, so I will need all the luck I can get! My head is spinning with ideas though so if I can't do the one shot I have in mind this year (I'll attempt it the next) perhaps I can come up with similar ideas at less remote locations and work out all the bugs. We'll see. I'm not going to reveal what or where exactly this picture will take place. That will be a surprise.