Time for a "More Impossible Project"...
Who would buy Kodachrome-like film in 120 and 4x5"? I would.
I think this movement by Kittlegraphy over on the Kodachrome site is one beginning of the "More Impossible Project".

The real question is how much would it cost? Remember, Kodachrome has already failed as a consumer commodity.

The first question is whether it failed as a boutique product is because of the lack of interest in Kodachrome or because Kodak is abysmally structured to support a boutique product.

I suspect there's an element of both in the failure. It's true that Kodak, despite it's technical prowess and far reaching organization is not the right structure for manufacturing and selling a boutique film. Love or hate Kodak, and I don't care which, their organizational structure just is *NOT* the right one for that.

So, fast forward to a day in the future, distant or not so, where a small manufacturer is cranking out RonAChrome as started in the beginning of this thread. (Hopefully by then Ron will be out of the barn.) And let's pretend it's coated on a substrate that is stiff enough for use as sheet film.

And let's also pretend that either Kittlegraphy has his line running smoothly, or we've learned how to process it in the kitchen somehow.

What is it going to cost per sheet of 4x5? What if it's packed in 5 sheet packages for $99 US, basically twenty bucks a pop? And you still have to get it processed? So the chemistry for that costs you another $12 for single use? So by the time you've figure in the Hazmat shipping and everything you've got $150 in five images? And you still don't have a final frame-able product to hang on the wall?

Are these outrageous prices? Are these even realistic prices? It's beginning to sound like the prices for Cibachrome. Hell, why not just expose Cibachrome in camera?

I picked these numbers out of thin air, so I don't have anything to justify them other than the experience of running a small business and being constantly shocked at how much it costs to get something out the door. And this is a stab in the dark at making a boutique product in an industry that I have no qualifications to be making anything more than uneducated guesses. I could be off by a factor of who knows how much.

If you were to reduce the volume even more, because folks won't support those prices, you'd be looking at producing alternative process kits that let people coat their own. I have real doubts about that.