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It would be nice to learn how far along the paper making process is now Wayne. I am hoping to use the paper to contact print my 8x10 negatives. I would like to comparte the new Polywarmtone with Lodima. Hence, I wonder if anyone here has used Amidol with the older version of the Polywarmtone paper. In addition, I am curious as to which developer those who are experienced with the paper have used in the past, and their comments concerning such developers. Thanks.

I also have registered for a few boxes of the paper.

I realy liked a phenidone version of Ansco 130, it gave wonderful gradation and cooled the image tone down to right where I like it. I've been printing on my last box of Fortezo this week. Tonight I discovered I have a box of Polywarmtone in the freezer that I didnt even know I had...not sure yet how much is left in it though...