I am excited. In my new house, my stuff arrived after 2 months of waiting, and now I just need some small stuff before getting this whole thing set up! The plastic cart looks like it's going to work quite well as a makeshift shallow sink.

Having a local woodworker fab up an enlarger stand, cheap.

Splurged on a new 220v/50hz Gralab timer, because I wanted something that'd keep good time on the local electricity. Might wall-mount it over the sink for use when tray developing film and paper, and use my old Time-o-Lite on the enlarger...even though the electricity will result in timing errors compared to the clock, everything's based off of increments on a test strip, so it really doesn't matter for printing.

Darkroom doors and ventilation will still be a challenge. There's a small exhaust fan out the window and I bought some louvers to install in the panel I'm securing over the window, but I'm concerned that without some kind of intake into the darkroom from outside, the fan might burn itself out. I think I have a workable plan to compensate for this, but it'll cut down on the amount of air actually being sucked out of the darkroom. C'est la vie.

Been almost 15 years since I last stepped foot in a darkroom. Got back into shooting and processing film, and was scanning my negs, but had nowhere to print. This is gonna be cool.