CVS seems to be Kodak's only widely available retail outlet. There is absolutely no other place around here that you can find any Kodak film in a store. Wally-world carries a couple types of Fuji's in very limited quantity and Giant has a roll or two of Fuji sometimes.

Our local CVS in SE PA always has Tri-X at the $5.99 price and has also started carrying BW400CN again at the same price. I always buy a roll here or there to keep the counter ticking as well, and I'm not the only one because it does turn over. They also have Kodak and CVS 400 and 800 color films. Anyone know who makes the CVS house brand? I've never looked.

Curious, though, that other local CVS's have no film at all. However, those are all kind of dark and dingy. The newer stores do have it.