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Our local CVS in SE PA always has Tri-X at the $5.99 price and has also started carrying BW400CN again at the same price.
I picked up another roll yesterday, and the price has gone up by fifty cents. It's now $6.49 in the CVS I frequent the most. I have not checked in others yet.

I did also notice the BW400CN was right next to the Tri-X. I hadn't really noticed that before, but I cannot swear it wasn't there. It's never really been on my radar.

It does turn over, although slowly. The roll I bought some weeks ago was the last on the peg, and there was more last night. And it isn't only me buying it. Without keeping records of CVS sales, I would guess from mere anecdotal observation that for every ten rolls they receive I purchase no more than 3-4 of them.

As someone else indicated they had done, I asked the cashier who bought most of the Tri-X. Unfortunately many deer on the highway at night have more thoughtful looks in their eyes than this poor girl. The best response she could muster was, "Huh?" Had the cash register not calculated my change for her, there would have been no hope she could make the sale with the $10 bill I gave her. So I still don't know who buys the other 6-7 rolls of it. Probably a couple of other guys like me.