Probably fair comment about water. I don't have a plumbed space, so my sink drains into a 5 gallon bucket. The trick is to never bring in more than 5 gallons of clean water 8-) I separate fixer / selenium toner for cleaning or hazardous waste disposal, but the rest goes to waste. Fortunately it only has to be carried about 20'. Washing gets done in the main house. It is not too tedious to transport a tray of wet prints for washing or back for drying (my drying racks are over my darkroom sink). I go back and forth about the water issue. I suppose if it was enough of a problem I would fix it. But it is a lot less trouble than packing up so the rest of the family can use the bathroom.

macandal: I sent you a PM about a visit if you wish to follow up on it.