I posted some photos here of the enlarger a few years back, it was under something to do with darkrooms. I'm not sure how you'd find it now but it should still be there.

The enlarger was a 4x5 De Vere with dicro head. The light source was at one end so it was a simple matter of fabricating a new centre section and bolting the light source back in. Had to make new bellows as well. It would take a 4x14 neg but most of the time I was printing 70mm x 12 inches, both B&W and colour. Used it for 6-7 years with no problems. I had 2 8x10 De Veres that I was going to convert to a single 8x20 using both light sources. Never got started on that one as I switched everything over to scanning and printing.

The pano enlarger I gave away.