Since you say that you don't like the FM series style of metering, but like the FE2 metering, then you'll want either a Photomic or an F2A. The F2SB and F2AS have the same meter readout as the FM2/FM2n. The F2S is just like an F3, but visible in the dark, readout-wise. Although, the shutter speed is indicated by a mechanical disk that rotates with the shutter speed dial, like on other F2 bodies.

Personally, I found that I prefer the F2AS/FM2 readout over the F3's, but don't like how some FM2n's tend to develop a twitchy meter as they age. I know that F2AS's can sometimes develop the same issue as their resistance elements go bad. That said, I also really like the F4's meter readout. The bar-graph display is quite nice compared to the "+-" of the F3/F2S or the "+0-" of the FM series and the F2AS/SB. A lot like a meter needle, but visible in darkness.