With any older camera, the buyer should always expect that it will need to be serviced. There are so many variables? Do ALL of the shutter speeds work? Do the lenses have any scratches, cleaning marks, fungus, mold? Do the lenses focus smoothly? Are there any initials or numbers scratched into the lens barrels or body? Are there any signs of impact damage (i.e., was the camera dropped?) Do you have the instruction manuals? When was the camera last used?

After giving this some thought, a fair price probably might be around $600+/-, and as others will tell you, you might do better by selling this in pieces rather than as a set. However, you also run the risk that you might end up not selling everything, and then you're stuck with a lens or a body. However, I suspect that everything would sell.

If you sell on a forum, you could offer it as pieces and at a small discount, as a kit.