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.. F2 bodies are getting very elderly, pricey to fix, and even pricier to buy in better than beaten-to-death shape. I know they enjoy holy relic status but why bother now?
Hmmm, the same could be said about F3's, especially since it costs more to overhaul an F3 than an F2. And, nice F3's sometimes cost more than nice F2's. Currently own a 34 year old F2AS that still works like new. Only thing that was done to it was to have the camera refoamed a couple years ago. Body cost me $200 in 2007 as an F2A. Traded the DP-11, a motor drive, and a non-AI 50/2 for the DP-12 that's on it today.

Since the camera will likely outlast everything but my F FTn and possibly my FM2n, I say that's a very good reason to bother now.

Besides, the original poster asked which fully-manual camera he should buy next, not the next autoexposure or AF camera to buy next. He also mentioned that he didn't care for the Nikon FM/FM2 metering system.