The formula for I think all the processes but Agfa Scala are out there. Some body even has a website on mixing your own E6 chemicals. I doubt you'll save money versus buying large amounts of premixed chemicals. Kokak et all buy thier chemicals in large amounts getting prices we can only dream about. In the small packages that get sold to the lowly home user it wouldn't suprise me if the big cost is the packaging. I make up almost all my B&W chemicals but I doubt I save much if any money. Locally I've found a retailer that claims they will sell me the Kodak E-6 5litre single use kit for less then $60 Cdn or not much more then $42US. This is even with the kit being less economic then buying the various Kodak chemicals on thier own. Kodak and the retailer are still making money at this price. It's also so cheap I can't see myself going to the trouble of finding all those chemicals to mix up E6.