Very odd that a photography/camera club would care what technology you use to produce a photograph. I'm not even sure what "gone 100% digital" could mean. You guys show up with prints, right? Not CD-ROMs or CF cards. Very, very odd. I'll vouch for your friendliness, so it can't be that.

My only theory as to your being "shunned" is that many in the club probably started photography after the digital revolution. Perhaps film makes members feel a bit uneasy because they perceive it as something on which they can't hold up their end of the conversation. And, whether you're friendly or not, maybe they expect you to think you're a little "above" them, and that makes them uneasy. Heck, they might feel the same if I showed up with my M8 and a prime lens, rather than a DSLR+zoom. At the other end of the scale, I wonder how they treat people that show up with a 6mp Canon Elph?

OK, enough pop psychology. I guess they should change their name to the EDCC.

Their loss.