I didn't read every post in this thread but I am interested in saving water since I live in Southern California and we are always in a drought or a water shortage.

I was just wondering if anyone is filtering or recycling their water? I am thinking of using an aquarium set up were the water is run thru a filtration system. Most aquarium filtration systems use activated carbon to trap most impurities. A pre filter can also be used. Bio beeds would not be needed since there isn't any bio waste. If water changes seem to be the most important part of washing film or paper. Why not use an air pump to lift the fixer off the film or paper. The air pump would act as an agitation, much the same way it does in a nitrogen burst developing system. The air pump would keep the water moving and keep it moving over the film or paper. The circulation pump can run the water thru the filtration system. I have aquarium enclosed filtration cannisters that flow 100 gallons per hour, and larger ones are available on the market. Has anyone tried this setup before? If you have what are the pros and cons?