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They must have shot 35mm back in the day, then, and must be shooting full-frame 35mm diagonal sensors today. I would say that good quality digital has at least "equalled" 35mm film (by some definitions of "equal"), but MF film is still better than sub-full-frame digital, I believe. And all of the "cool features" of today's camera probably have won them over (and I'm actually interested in, and use, those features myself -- I just don't feel like I require them to get photos taken).
Yes, in my opinion, it is definitely the techno-craze that has taken hold. It's always about that new software/camera and it's whiz-bang features.

I'm curious -- did they actually announce that only digital submissions would be welcome?

No, they did not, in any way, state that only digital entries were acceptable. They accept both digital and analog (I mean, how could they really tell??). They have three basic classes for judging - Color Print, Monochrome Print and Digital Projected. So, I could have scanned my negatives and entered into Digital Projected if I had wanted.

Or is it more that the cool reception just kept getting cooler, and you could tell you'd never feel welcome?
Yup, that about sums it up.