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I was just thinking the same thing last night, maybe we could have a 'regular' exchange, and a 'super-strict' one. Regular runs as they usually do, super-strict is run on the understanding that prints not in by cut-off miss out because the shared prints are getting distributed on a certin date. Anyone who misses the cut-off can flow into the 'regular' exchange...
Another alternative would be to have a "continuously rolling" exchange with no set cut-off dates. The coordinator simply distributes sets of prints when they have a pre-agreed number of sets on hand. E.g. If it is agreed that everyone sends 5 prints then the coordinator simply sets aside the first 6 sets that come in (assuming you dont want your own print back) and treats them as a group for distribution purposes. Next 6 sets received go into the next group and so on...

This would let folk participate as often (or seldom) as they wish. It would also avoid distribution being delayed on account of tardiness (slow to arrive prints effectively miss the cut for a few groups and become part of the next group for distribution).

Potential downsides I can forsee are:

1. It may mean more work for the coordinator.
2. If someone gets too keen and submits too many sets of prints then the co-ordinator may need to tell them to take a break for a while... alternatively you have a rule for repeat contributors that says you dont send your next set until you have received a set.
3. If enthusiasm flags and the number of sets submitted drops then the coordinator may end up holding prints for a while waiting for the number of sets needed to complete a group (this could no doubt be sorted with some communication).

Just some thoughts.

Carey Bird