There is a lot to consider when you want to throw your hat in the wedding ring- marketing/adverts, client relations, business organization, taxes, all possible points of worry and frustration on top of making the clients that you get happy.
One thing is for sure, the value of working weddings where you are not the sole image maker in the beginning is invaluable. Being able to learn from a shooter that had been in the game, not only creatively and technique wise, but managerial knowledge, and learning the market you want to shoot for is totally and 100% invaluable.
Personally, I would keep pluggin away with other photographers, sending in resumes, dropping by studios with your portfolio and making sure that they take notice. I've gotten more call backs from studios for the simple fact that they dont get people who are willing to show up and drop off some leave behinds, a portfolio or resume at the front door or mailbox anymore. Mostly they are getting people sending e-mails with links to a myspace or flickr. Selling yourself, aka marketing yourself, to other photographers it a good testing ground on your ability to market to clients. The images and abilities you show to impress another shooter are more than likely the same types of skills and images that clients will want to see, too.

All the best,