Yes! it works..

I found a roll of 120 and souped it in D72 30 degrees C 15 minutes.. so found an old roll of colour film. Konica 100 ASA . Exposed at 80 ASA/ISO. EOS 500N.

Pre rinse 2 minutes. D72 30 Degrees C. 15 Minutes. 1 full minute agitation on start and 1 minute agitation at each 5 minutes.. Full rinse for 2 minutes, Fix 5minutes.

Negatives are nice and sharp just like Rollei 100.

Past failures:

20 degrees 7 minutes HC110
20 Degrees 30 minutes Microdol X 1+3

Looks like colour film likes being souped at 30 degress and twice development time..

Am going to develop all those cheap colour film.

HAve not got round to printing the negatives yet. Will post printing details later.

Must admit that orange mask interesting to print through..