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I will put my hand up to manage the print distribution this round and I will start the new round three thread as well, if no one objects by the end of the week. Whatever the agreed method of running the exchange will be accommodated.
Hi Oxleyroad,

Thanks for your offer, but have you discussed this with timk? Do you have his confirmation that he no longer wants to organise the exchanges? I, for one, have been happy with his management of the process to date, and I note that in both exchanges the delays were not of his making. (I know that I would have been far less likely to protect the names of the "laggards" - and there but for the grace of God...)

I applaud your offer and dont wish to discourage you, but also dont want to timk to feel someone is stepping on his turf - particularly if he is happy to continue. Isn't your generous offer premature until timk has confirmed he wishes to withdraw?

Thoughts? Timk?


Carey Bird