Hi. I have a Besler/Minolta 45A colour head that has been stored away for 2 years since being purchased on Ebay. It was listed in working condition. After our latest move I dug it out and plugged it in. The display lights up and shows the 3 colour windows. I can't move between the windows with the colour key, or change the colour levers with the up and down key. The colour levels all read 0. I can change between the data and ring around mode, step through the memory levels and set the mode for colour or black and white, but I can't make any changes to the colour setting. Hitting the focus button also does nothing. The colour and focus tubes are all in place and look good. The head looks like new. Is there anything I should be doing to get the controller to set colour levels?

I realize that this head is very old and the Xenon tubes are probably unavailable. I have always wanted to try printing with it, but it looks like I got stiffed by Ebay. Any info on this head out there?