Hi all,

I was thinking I'd like to start designing and building a pinhole camera. Something for 120 roll film, to give me either a 6x6, 6x9 or even 6x12 negative. (Maybe I could build one camera to handle all three? Don't know if this is feasible... anyway...)

I've come across some different designs, the most notable being the panoramic Holga pinhole camera, which is along the lines of what I'd like to make: simple, but with seemingly little distortion - I'd hate anything that would give me that "fisheye" look. Another design, located at the link below, actually curves the film plane to reduce vignetting.


It's hard to judge hoe distorted the edges are, but I know from the classic "Oatmeal Box" camera that curvature can lead to some ugly things. Is there a tradeoff between distortion and vignetting that I'm going to have to make? Or are there any ways around distortion that will also let me achieve a decent exposure around the whole image?