I was until recently a happy member of a 'camera club" which was originally focused on being a 'Print Group" - It's focus was that you would present prints and get helpful commnets on you prints of work in progress, etc.

Then more techniques to teach people about exposure, depth of field, off camera lighting, quality of lighting etc. seminars started to happen more regularly.

It worked ok for a while because most film cameras worked pretty much the same in manual mode, and the seminars always emphasized using the computer in your head first.

Then the D thing came along. Everybody wanted to learn their menu tree options more then the image the thing produced for it's user. And users presumed the D thing did everything for you, so they could not even seem to think how exposure factors would weigh into how you may want to intepret your capture of a scene with D on manual.

Then Photoshop ruled the day. I have not been to this group for almost a year now.

I would suggest make the new group a print group. Keep the image capture technology out of it.
D folks would be welcomed if they want commentary on prints they bring in.
Banish the laptop and projector, or computer app this or that will be taking over in a second.