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Here is the party line.

Dear Christopher Walrath,Thank you for your interest in Kodak’s traditional film business You may be reading a little more into the announcement of Gustavo Oviedo’s new role as Chief Customer Officer* -* reporting directly to the CEO’s office* - *than was intended.** With Kodak’s revenue increasingly coming from business-to-business sales, and with the company’s heightened focus on customer centricity, the CEO’s office plays an increasing role in maintaining customer relationships and securing sales, which is reflected in this change. *As the traditional film business continues to evolve, Kodak is managing its product portfolio in smart, innovative ways that enable us to continue to serve customers with the quality products and services they have come to expect from the Kodak brand.*We are also managing our portfolios to help us maintain scale, which is a critical factor for the large-volume production of consumables such as film and paper.* Building a more selective portfolio is one of the keys to our sustainability.* We are looking at all the pieces, across all the businesses, focusing on the core products that are critical to each business, and ensuring that we protect the heart of each portfolio as we move into the future.* Innovation is a key component of this process, and this includes launching new products built on technical inventions.* Examples include the VISION3 family of motion picture products, EKTAR 100 film, and the new PORTRA 400 film we recently announced.**As we’ve said for many years, we will continue to manufacture our portfolio of traditional products as long as customers buy and use them in sufficient quantities.* We truly appreciate the dedication and loyalty to Kodak’s traditional business shown by you and other APUG members, and we encourage you all to keep shooting.Sincerely,Peter V.Kodak ProfessionalTechnical Support800-242-2424 ext. 19

I understand the fluff in the beginning about P&L. But there, near the end, you have it in black and white (pun totally intended) straight from the horse's mouth.

Buy it and it will still be there.
Last time I checked, the basic rule of commerce, was still SUPPLY AND DEMAND. I don't know why some people get always ruffled up. Film does not go away if sales are there to support supply and basic economics. We want film? Shoot more, buy more and spread the gospel at any chance we get.