I have 2 perfectly functioning Canon P rangefinder cameras.

Camera #1 - Has the black soft release, brown leather half-case and NO WRINKLES on the shutter curtain (very rare to find like this), but there is a slight indentation on the curtain that you can only see with shining a strong light and being very meticulous. It has a small dent in the upper right side near the rewind, but it does not effect performance. Shutter speeds are accurate (film tested) and viewfinder is clear and aligned.
$225 or $260 with working meter and diffuser for the top (not pictured and will have to be mailed seperately when I get to NYC where it is located).

Camera #2 - No soft shutter release. Comes with brown leather half case. No dents on body, just some scuffs here and there, but nothing major. Shutter curtain has wrinkles, but shutter speeds are good (film tested) and viewfinder is aligned and clear.
$200 or $225 with meter for the top (working, but needle seems to "bounce" at times).

50mm f1.4 LTM lens. This lens is mint. glass is clean and clear, aperture is dry and it comes with a hard to find S-50 hood that goes over top of the light-yellow filter that it comes with (Canon RF brand - also very rare). Also includes original metal Canon front cap and LTM back cap. I imagine that given the condition of the glass and body and the rare accessories that this would make a great collectible, but since I'm not a collector I can't be sure. But definately the nicest lens I've ever owned. Body has a couple of very small scuffs, but nothing noticeable unless close up.

100mm f3.5 LTM lens. This lens is in good condition. Glass is perfect and has been cleaned (had haze prior to cleaning). It is black in colour, but not pictured as it is in NYC. Body in excellent shape. I will be able to ship it after January 11. Comes with front and rear caps.

35mm f1.8 LTM lens. This is my baby. Serial #20320, so it's the 320th made. It has some slight edge separation inside, but it definitely does not effect the amazing images it produces. Glass is clean and clear. Body is in EXC+ condition. Comes with 40-49mm step-up ring that you can use as a hood or to hold 49mm filters. I have used the S-50 shade to slip over the ring to use as a hood for both the 35 and 50mm lenses.
$300 with assortment of 40mm Canon RF filters that I have back in NYC (light green, orange colour conversion, and UV will be shipped after January 11 at my expense). includes front and rear caps and 49mm cap if I can find it.
*NOTE* I will only sell this lens once all the other equipment is sold. I use this lens daily and need to acquire the funds to replace with with a 35mm Leica Summicron f2.0.

This would make a great setup for someone looking for a well-rounded and quality RF system. The Canon Ps have 35, 50 and 100mm framelines, so this is the perfect Canon RF setup for these lenses. Package deals available. Prices do not include shipping and insurance.

Whole setup for $1100 with everything + shipping (some will be sent immediately, other items will be sent at my expense after January 11).