Based on the current price of silver (about $1 per gram) and the amount of surface area in a roll of 35mm film (I estimate about 0.055 square meter) and about 6.5 grams of silver per square meter (midpoint of the estimates given in earlier post) I estimate a roll of film contains about $0.36 worth of silver. This represents something like a $0.14 increase over the previous year average price, and perhaps a $0.18 increase over the five year average. If we assume that the markup over the cost of raw materials is perhaps threefold (please supply a better number if you have one) then one might expect the cost of film to increase by about $0.50 per roll. If the markup is six fold then one might expect an increase of about $1 per roll.

However, Kodak and the other film producers have probably hedged the commodity price in order to allow them a predictable cost of manufacturing. This may somewhat buffer the price increase, at least in the short term. Therefore, if the price increase does not last too long we might not see quite such a large increase in film prices, but who knows for sure? Nobody.