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Side note... why does motion picture film use 250 and 500 speed designations? I'm curious why their conventions would be different than still film.
Probaly a case of Oneupmanship. Kodak and Fuji have been going head to head on Camera Negative film for years. The early ECN was in the 50 range. Then they went to 100. Then 320, Then 500. They are just dropping the 100 as they say that the 200T Vision 3 is better then the 100T Vision 2.

I actually prefer the 50D as it is about the right speed when you consider a 120 degree shutter ta 24FPS>

Use http://www.Kodak.com/go/motion and click on "camera films" under products.

Looks like we are left with

Vision 2 50D (5201 7201)
Vision 3 200T (5213 7213
Vision 3 250D (5207 7207)
Vision 2 500T (5250 7260)
Vision 2 EXPRESSION 500T (Soft colour) 5229 7229
Vision 3 500T 5219 7219

Type starting with 5 are 35mm and Above 7 is 16mm and below
although only Vision 3 200t and 500T are in Super 8.