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Probaly a case of Oneupmanship. Kodak and Fuji have been going head to head on Camera Negative film for years. The early ECN was in the 50 range. Then they went to 100. Then 320, Then 500. They are just dropping the 100 as they say that the 200T Vision 3 is better then the 100T Vision 2.
I think that's a bit too strong. Sure they were driven by competition, but in my limited experience, the difference between 200T and 500T is pretty big. In 16mm, the grain at 500 can be kind of large while the 200T is a lot more palatable. Kodak used to have Vision 800T but I guess they discontinued it and recommend 500T over it. I guess the tradeoffs to get 800 speed weren't worth it (kind of like many people are ok with ISO 400, but find the '3200' speed films are too grainy).

At the same time, 500T lets you light smallish scenes with a couple of 300W lights. We just shot some Vision3 200T (first time for me) and we needed to bring out the 1k lights with the same camera kit. I'd much rather use the 300W lights: cheaper, easier to move around, etc. Just my opinion.

Just look at the number of movies that use V3 500T. It's definitely a popular stock. Of course, if you already know this, then you already know this