Thanks guys. Lets see what happens.

I quite agree re the niche aspect of "selling film prints" - I think the addition of a line about traditional B&W work acts as a good selling point. These days, because so many people have DSLR's and a good number of pro wedding shooters also use 35mm DSLRs like D3's etc, it seems to me that medium or large format digital shooters, or film shooters of any format, subsequently stand out a lot more than they used to as being different. I'm not saying I consider such shooters to be any better or worse, but that seems to be the view of the general public.

Often people have 'wowed' when they've seen my F5, having initially thought it was a DSLR and then discovering it's film. I think the whole inability for a photographer to see what he's taken also instills confidence because the public think "If he can't see what's he's taken, he must know what he's doing!"

I agree re the backup body. If I secure a gig, I'll buy a second one and, as you say, have one loaded B&W and one colour.