hey there! this is my first post at apug - i hope no one minds me jumping right in with a favor to ask of you. until recently i have been primarily digital...but i'm slowly being lured back to film by the film gods. i'm an on-location children's photographer and work primarily with natural light so leicas are right up my alley, tho not in my price range.

yesterday, on a whim, i bid on an m3 on ebay and lost the auction with 4 seconds left. apparently, the transaction fell thru and the seller has offered to sell me the item at my highest bid ($1050). while i'd like to think fate has played a role here i'm here looking for an outside opinion. right now there is a huge list of reasons to buy... i just need to be 100% sure i'm not missing something huge. i'd love to hear any opinions on this outfit. if you have a sec, check out this auction link and either talk me down from this ledge or push me off.