Hi there: new guy on the block, as it were, looking to help out the film community in a fashion.

Here's the situation: I inherited a couple of 35mm cameras (presumably SLR in both cases) from my father. I will stipulate that at age (nearly) 59, I'm not a photography buff, nor am I likely to be: while I appreciate the results, my interests don't lie in that vein. Thus, I see no reason why a couple of (presumably) good cameras should languish unused, and I'm looking to work with someone to find a good home.

One of two is a more-or-less garden variety: it's an Asahi Pentax K1000. It has the leather case and (of course) the original equipment lens, but no additional lenses or accessories.

The other, from some minimal research, may be more interesting: it's a Robot Royal 36, model III. Again, it has the original equipment lens and the leather case, but no other accessories.

I should add that neither camera has been used in quite a few years. That said, they have both been kept in a dark drawer in a file cabinet in a climate-controlled space (i.e., my house). Thus, I believe both are in good condition.

What I'd like to find out from the experts here is a reasonable value for each of these. That's key in finding a good home for both. I can provide what I believe to be serial numbers on either, if needed, by private message. Thanks very much.