Wow, Jeff! True dedication to the art!

Well, the rocky mountains really are an essential landmark here. Your directions are "to the mountains" or "away from the mountains" for the average Coloradan. You'd think there's tons of pictures, right?

Nope. They are ever-present but we're also a relatively flat area. You stand anywhere to get a shot and you often have buildings in your way, telephone lines, SOMEthing. It's never a very clear shot, especially if you want to use a wide angle to get a lot of the mountain range (I mean it, you could use a 28mm and still only capture part of what you see by looking around, it really is impressive).

Well there's this bit of a hill around 84th at Federal. It drops away in 3 directions (West and South mostly, but also East) and to boot there's some crops West of it between you and the front range. That means minimal-to-no buildings, antennae, towers, power lines, etc. It really is a prime spot.

Oh, and also if you turn SE and have a good zoom lens, the other corner of the street is great for getting shots of the skyscrapers downtown. We just have the 2-3 square miles of high-rises in an otherwise flat sprawl and the way the light hits them can be picture worthy, but also has the same problems as taking pics of the mountains. This spot on Federal is idea for shooting either subject.