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... So I have a couple of questions for Ralph just to clarify my thinking.

First, I think the notation in cells T13 and T33 of the summary page threw me. Is there a typo in those cells with a minus sign instead of an intended equals sign, '-' rather than '='? That would make sense from the equations below, finding y as a function of x in column T and x as a function of y in column U. I was trying to make sense of subtracting f(x) from y. ...
Correct, the cells should read 'y=f(x)'. Just a typo.
While we're at it, cell T22 should read 'avgG' instead of 'N'. A copy/paste error.

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... Second, taking the following second order polynomial notation:

f(x)= a + b*x + c*x^2

column S notation in the summary page is such that the following correspondences to the equation above are correct:

b = a
c1 = b = coefficient of x)
c2 = c = (coefficient of x^2) ...
Correct again. I used 'y = c2*x^2 + c1*x + b.

Unfortunately, I cannot see what you did since I don't have the software, but many thanks for the effort!