In order:

Steven, the thousands of folks who have contributed to Star Office/openoffice/LibreOffice over many years are the ones who saved you $150. Thank them, or send them a percentage donation of your choosing at

Glad it's working for the others who have reported in. Had a great get together this afternoon with some very nice folks, and viewing of some very fine original mid-late 19th century photos that one of our members has collected.

Ralph, you can, if you choose, get the Mac port of openoffice at Free, and always will be.
Thanks for the additional info. I guess I could export the .ods version back to .xls, but I have no way to verify that the changes would carry over correctly, and I sort of have a personal policy of avoiding that sort of thing when openoffice is freely available to everyone under Mac, Windows, linux, et. al. From my perspective that's really about Microsoft trying to impose de facto standards that allow them to control the market rather than complying with fully public ISO standards that the open source office packages support.

Again the real thanks should go to Ralph for his work on this spreadsheet and for posting it for others to use freely.