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ack, i should have clarified that i have been notified by ebay and this is legit. <snip>.
The scammers have tried to pull this one on me. As with you, eBay, cretinous idiots that they are, told me that no, it was not a scam... This despite the fact that the email the scammer sent me claimed to come from "2nd Chance" but was in fact sent via "contact member" and the "reply to sender" link that ebay's software automatically attaches to the end of the email pointed to a different ebay account from the seller's... Took me another, rather more scathing, email to eBay to get them to realise what was what... So that's a week the scammers had to con other people with that member account. Similarly, the scammer put in a last second bid - I spoke to the seller - they tried to get him to take a company cheque for 5 times the amount of the sale, take out his price (plus a bit extra "for his trouble") and send the rest to someone else as they owed that person the money, blah, blah, blah... about as transparent a con as you can get.

Look at the header of the "2nd Chance" email - it should come from "2ndchanceoffer@ebay.com" (or something similar - here in the UK it's "2ndchanceoffer.uk@ebay.com) NOT "aw-confirm@ebay.com". If the latter, it is definitely a scam. Follow the link at the bottom of the email to reply to the sender and see if it is the sellers account (if it's a scam they will probably have said to reply via a different email address). Also, I note that you do not appear to be teh 2nd highest bidder - surely that bidder would have been contacted 1st with a 2nd Chance offer?

The fact that the "winning" bidder is apparently in Taiwan and sniped it when the auction is restricted to the US suggests the seller may be legit and the scam was (and still is being) tried by the guy in Taiwan (or of course, they could be one and the same person: the permutations are endless...). Mrcallow has probably the best solution - contact the seller through eBay and see if he did in fact send you a 2nd Chance offer. However, for a $1000+ ticket item, I would want to collect in person.

Bottom line: do not trust anyone - not even eBay itself... not even me - I certainly don't (well, I trust me obviously.... well, most of the time anyway)...

Cheers, Bob.