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I think that's a bit too strong. Sure they were driven by competition, but in my limited experience, the difference between 200T and 500T is pretty big.
At the same time, 500T lets you light smallish scenes with a couple of 300W lights.
Just look at the number of movies that use V3 500T. It's definitely a popular stock. Of course, if you already know this, then you already know this
Sorry, what I throught I was saying is that it strated as one upmanship to got from 320 all the way to 500, while still film seems to top out at 400.

I have shot some fun home movies with the 500T stocks using just the normal household lights. I don't know if the timer had to crank the lights over to the stops to make up for the lower colour temperature of 60W household bulbs. MY home movie modus operandi is to shoot short ends of 16mm in my Filmo, and have the lab make me a "best light" workprint on 3383. I have collected a bunch of Spools and a split reel so I can repack random lengths of film on 100 ft spools. The lab will return the empty spools if you ask to get them back..