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I agree with you Mike. They do have a digital entry class, which are emailed and projected, but the other two judging classes are color print and monochrome print.

I'm not sure what their reason is... the club has been around for over 50 years, and most (99% of the club are near retirement age or beyond) have been around during the 100% analog era. So, many were film photogs (I mean, artists!) in their past. It seems to be more of a digital snobbery, where they think using FILM is a step back, and THEY are superior. That is my impression anyway.
A while back I attended a meeting of the local club up here in Loveland and got generally the same reception. The club is definitely 100% digital and very into manipulation of the image. Lots of HDR and very unnatural looking images. I found a rather cool reception from most of the members which was noticed by one guy who stopped me after the meeting and basically told me to keep doing what I do and don't worry about the people in the club and their reaction to my being there. (I have and I wasn't!) To me they seemed so wrapped up in the idea that being newer, of course digital was better that they lost sight of the fact that its all photography. The general attitude was that I was somehow just slow in figuring out that photography is now a digital medium. They were pretty much all in love with the things they could do on the computer and as you mentioned Mike were only interested in discussing the new technology. Ah well, I'm not really much of a joiner anyhow so no big deal, I was just looking for a way to jump start my creative process and will keep on doing what I do!