Yeah, I'd stick with what you got for awhile. If you like it and you like Canon, you can upgrade to an Elan 7, 3, or 1V depending on the funds and start to think about getting nicer Canon lenses. If you like autofocus, but want to try out Nikon, then do move to Nikon at that point - no wasted money on Canon EF lenses.

On the other hand, if you want manual focus, I'd move to one of the older systems as mentioned above. Canon FD, a Nikon, Olympus OM, etc. You'll find that it's easier to focus AND it's cheaper. Win-win.

Using what you already have for awhile will let you figure out what you like and what you don't, which will inform upon choices you make in the future. Figure out what focal lengths you like, if you want a zoom or not, manual/autofocus, how much distortion bothers you, what f-stops you use, etc. Once you have some of that figured out, it will be easier to pick a lens that is suitable.