I went on a high with the DU Alpine Club a number of years back. It was one of my first hikes. I took a couple of rolls of film. It was very memorable and I had a great blast of a time. I loved it.

Only, I never can recall the name of the place. I even traded a couple e-mails with the now-president of the club. Their webpage started putting up photographic histories of their outings but only as far back as 2006 (this hike was probably 2003/2004). I sent some e-mails to see if they had older records, described it as best I could, etc. No luck.

So, if I were to scan some pics of the scenery, might anybody here recognize the park/area we were in?

It's quite distinctive. Hiking through the woods first, heading to a distant waterfall up a steep cliff-like mountain face. Zig-zagging back and forth until realizing we were at the top of the waterfall that seemed so far away. Seeing old mining equipment, getting a bit of a history lesson... Finding a lake up on top of the plateau, only to find there's MORE sheer vertical cliffs on the other side of the lake.....

All put together, it was quite a unique experience. I would like to figure out where this was and go back some day. The conditions were breathtaking when I went the first time. It was moist and cold. Jackets all around, fog making it hard to see 50 feet. I believe we went up past 10,000 feet then came back down.