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I suppose we need to ask the next question......does anyone else actually want to continue with the exchanges?
On reflection, I probably won't participate if the "rules" are the same.
I think 9/10 prints is too many. I opted for 8x10 RC paper to cut down the time and expense and meet the size guidance. I'd prefer to make 3 and no more than 4 fibre prints on 11x14 and put more time and energy into a quality archival print. i.e. produce what I typically make and enjoy the most rather than "compromising".

Also inkjet prints don't interest me much. I like to see what people are doing in the silver and alternative media so I can learn and appreciate how others do it. If I want to admire inkjets I can always rejoin a camera club

But, then again, I might change my mind after actually seeing some prints!